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Webinar: Fast and Flexible Analysis of Fc-Gamma Receptor Binding Interactions on the Octet Platform

Fc-gamma receptors (FcγRs) expressed on the surface of immune effector cells play a key role in initiating Fc effector functions like antibody-mediated cell-dependent cytotoxicity (ADCC). The binding of therapeutic antibodies to FcγRs can greatly impact their safety and efficacy. From early phase candidate selection to release testing of the final product, characterizing the Fc interactions with FcγRs has become an integral part of the development process for biologics.

This webinar will introduce the ForteBio Octet platform technology as a complement to endpoint ELISAs and functional ADCC assays to provide more FcγR-IgG binding information faster. Overcoming the limitations of conventional SPR systems, the Octet system is a more rapid and flexible platform for performing label-free kinetic and equilibrium analysis and measuring relative binding.

Who Should Attend?
Those working in
• Development of biosimilars and biotherapeutics
• Quality control for biologics
• Validation of bioassays

Type of Event: On-Demand Webinars
By appointment: Yes
Language: English

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