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Moisture Matters – Performance for Best Product Quality

Graphical User Interface Featuring Real-Time Drying Curves and Control Charts

HX204 & HS153 – Innovation for better moisture analysis

High performance MonoBloc weighing cell with hanging pan. 200g capacity, 0.1mg resolution, (OIML CLass I), internal weights for automatic calibration.(HX204)

One-Click operation – Personalizable home screen and shortcuts ensure simple and errorfree operations. Only the information needed to perform daily work is displayed. Shortcuts start drying methods with one click.

When moisture matters, METTLER TOLEDO Excellence Moisture Analyzers deliver outstanding value. The innovative hanging weighing pan provides best measurement performance with highly reliable results in the shortest time possible.
The One Click™ Moisture graphical user interface enables smooth and fast operation, featuring real-time drying curves and control charts. Rugged design and the new easy-cleaning concept ensure a long service life and disruption-free operation, both in the lab and on the factory floor.

Hanging Weighing Pan

The innovative hanging weighing pan concept moves the weighing cell away from spilled samples and from the heat of the sample chamber, which improves measurement results by eliminating adverse thermal effects on the weighing cell. It also makes the instrument rugged and easy to clean as the surface underneath the weighing pan is completely flat and sealed. Spilled samples can no longer obstruct the weighing cell.

Operational Excellence – In Lab and Factory

When moisture content determines productivity, the HX204 and HS153 Halogen Moisture Analyzers are your instruments of choice. High speed testing and powerful real-time graphics, combined with ruggedness and ease-of-use, answer the needs of companies striving to optimize operations in laboratories and factories.

Easy Result Tracking – With Real-time Charts

Production of food, chemicals and many other goods requires regular sample testing to maintain full process control. Control limits with pass/fail thresholds can be defined for each product. Integrated control charts trend the moisture content over time. Each measurement is saved as graphical drying curve and can be recalled with one click.

Peace of Mind Assured – Solutions for Regulated Industries

METTLER TOLEDO has designed the HX204 Excellence Moisture Analyzer to meet the strict demands of research, quality control and production. With a resolution of 0.001%MC and excellent repeatability the HX204 meets the demands of applications requiring maximum measurement accuracy. Advanced security functions ensure systematic instrument verification for correct results at all times. The HX204 is the ideal instrument for use in highly regulated industries.


  • Aluminum sample pans
  • Glass fiber filter pads
  • HX/HS certified temperature adjustment


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