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Dr. Maciej Giedyk

Maciej Giedyk, born in 1988, graduated with a Master's of Engineering degree in chemi (…)

Dr. Peggy Stock

Peggy Stock, born in 1976, studied biology at the Martin Luther University of Halle-W (…)

Janis Hildebrand

Janis Hildebrand, born in 1986, studied medical technology in Jena between 2006 and 2 (…)

Dr. Sven Ehlert

Sven Ehlert, born in 1982, received his doctoral degree in 2014 from the University o (…)


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  1. Micelles as a reaction environment
  2. Quality assurance in medical laboratories
  3. Weighing in the US Pharmacopeia
  4. Drug substances in the drug product dossier
  5. How GxP-regulated laboratories can use digitization as an opportunity
  6. How to analyze active unknown unknowns?
  7. Colorful off-odors in artists’ paints
  8. Accurate weighing results
  9. From Weight to Volume
  10. Mercury in the environment

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Authentic food is growing in popularity with consumers. In a heavily industrialized m (…)


According to the International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements (…)

Open Innovation

University research is predominantly orientated towards the development of new scient (…)

Caffeine Kick

Caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance worldwide. It supplies th (…)

The Right Weight*

Every scientist studying at university was confronted in chemical practicals with the (…)


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