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Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer

Universität Hamburg, Institut für Lebensmittelchemie

Markus Fischer studied food chemistry at Munich Technical University (TUM), ­receiving his doctoral degree in 1997 in ­molecular biology/protein chemistry. In 2003, he completed his habilitation in the departments of food chemistry and biochemistry. Director of the Institute for Food Chemistry at the University of Hamburg since 2006, he is the founder (2011) and Director of the ­Hamburg School for Food Science (HSFS). Markus Fischer engages actively in many research organisations, examples including his positions on the Federal Institute for Risk ­Assessment (BfR) Scientific Advisory Board and Research Association of the German Food Industry (FEI) Scientific Committee and his role as German delegate to the European Food Chemistry Division.

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    Luise Herrmann

    Luise Herrmann graduated in food chemistry from the University of Hamburg in 2010. Her Diplom thesis investigated the use of protein patterns to differentiate between wheat and spelt ­samples. Following graduation, she divided work in her practical year between Nantes (France) and Hamburg. ... more

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