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Prof. Dr. Jürgen Brickmann

Technische Universität Darmstadt, Physikalische Chemie I

Jürgen Brickmann, born 1939 in Schwerin, studied physics 1959-1965 (Uni Munich, Uni Innsbruck, Tu Munich) and obtained his Ph.D from the TU Munich in 1967. In 1973 he became ­a Private Docent for physical chemistry at the Uni Freiburg, from 1974 to 1978 he was Professor for chemical dynamics at the Uni Konstanz. From 1979 to 2004 hold a chair for physical chemistry ­at Darmstadt University of Technology. He was guest scientist at different Universities (FU Berlin, Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University, Jerusalem). Presently he is principal owner and CEO of MOLCAD GmbH as well scientific director of SUCCIDIA AG, a publication and communication company in Darmstadt (Germany).

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