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Christian Müller-Schöll

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Christian Müller-Schöll

Christian Müller-Schöll, born in 1966, studied mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and graduated as Diploma-Engineer. At the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences he obtained a certificate for Integrated Risk Management. He headed the primary mass calibration laboratory of the Mettler-Toledo group for more than 15 years. He is internal auditor and accreditation assessor for calibration laboratories.


He is member of national and international committees in the fields of quality management, standardization, calibration and accreditation.


Christian Müller-Schöll is an expert in matters of calibration and metrology and has published a number of papers in conferences and journals.

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    This paper describes 13 steps for safe, accurate weighing in safety cabinets or other enclosures. more

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    METTLER TOLEDO has launched its new Dubai Free Zone Competence Center. This new facility will offer advanced analytical support for all industries operating in the Middle East and North Africa. It will also provide hands-on equipment training for METTLER TOLEDO’s range of products, which ar ... more

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    Mettler Toledo presents a special offer for 2016 - a limited-edition, full-color lab calendar. More than a way to track days and dates, this 12-month calendar will provide a series of enlightening topics devoted to ensuring weighing accuracy in all critical lab processes. Using calendar pag ... more

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    The English version of the q&more online portal is now available online. The q&more portal was developed in a unique cooperation between succidia AG and CHEMIE.DE Information Service GmbH, and is supported by METTLER TOLEDO. It is aimed specifically at decision-makers, and uses attractive c ... more

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    Weighing in the US Pharmacopeia

    Weighing is one of the key activities carried out in every QC laboratory. Usually, it is one of the first parts of a whole analysis chain. As any weighing errors have the potential to propagate through the whole analysis and deliver an inaccurate final result, the United States Pharmacopeia ... more

    “Game over” for the Paris kilogram

    For about 200 years, any mass given in kilograms, grams and micrograms referred to a defined artifact accessible in only a single location on earth. A small metal cylinder had represented one kilogram since the metric system was introduced in France. Its successor became world famous as the ... more

    User interfaces for presenting traceable measurement results

    Easy access and navigation of historical measurement data stored in central laboratory software systems is important to support the documentation and, in particular, the traceability of measurement results. For some instruments it is also useful to grant users access to past measurement data. more

  • Authors

    Igor Knapp

    Igor Knapp, born in 1968, is a qualified computer science engineer and Team Leader for Interaction Design at Mettler-Toledo GmbH. In 1993, he successfully completed a design education at the Basel School of Design (Switzerland) and subsequently worked for more than seven years in corporate ... more

    Wolfgang Boos

    Wolfgang Boos, born in 1965, initially trained as an Information Technician before studying Technical Computer Science at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), graduating with a diploma degree. He subsequently worked as a software developer at the Forschungszentrum Jülich, Ins ... more

    Dr. Christoph Jansen

    Christoph Jansen, born in 1962, studied chemistry at the University of Cologne and received his doctorate there from D.O. Hummel in instrumental analytics. He was a founding member of the association “Angewandte Spektrometrie Köln e.V.” (Applied Spectrometry, Cologne) and worked as an appli ... more

  • Videos

    1 Kilogram Redefinition

    The 1 kg redefinition is part of the biggest overhaul of the International System of Units (SI) since its inception in 1960. During the last several years, Mettler-Toledo has been privileged to participate in several strategic partnerships that have contributed to the newly established and ... more

    Precision Balances Designed for Easy Operation

    In today's high pressure research and manufacturing environments, having the right equipment is key to achieving quality and efficiency. With customers demanding short lead times and reliable delivery dates, you need a balance you can trust to deliver accurate results - and which is conveni ... more

    The Essence of Weighing And More

    Daily weighing routines are easy and efficient thanks to the ergonomic design features of the NewClassic ME balances. Essential functionality is at your fingertips to provide you with accurate and reliable weighing results day after day. But there is more. These robust all-round balances no ... more

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