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Dr. Fred Eickmeyer

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Dr. Fred Eickmeyer

Fred Eickmeyer, born in 1965, studied horticulture at Leibniz University Hannover, Germany, where he specialized in genetics and plant breeding for his doctorate. After working as a breeder at Deutsche Saatveredelung, and as the head of seed breeding and a project manager at Saatzucht Steinach, he set up his own company, Eskusa, in Parkstetten, Germany, in 2010. He currently employs a staff of ten and has established a large research and development network with close links into practical agriculture.


“Chance favors the prepared mind.”
(Louis Pasteur)


In 2018, Dr. Eickmeyer was awarded the Ernst Pelz Award for Renewable Raw Materials for his work on breeding and growing Russian Dandelion as a source of rubber and latex raw materials.


Dr. Eickmeyer works in the fields of plant breeding, plant cultivation development, seed grafting, seedling production. His interest is particularly focused on medicinal plants, plants as raw materials for industry, wild herbs, biomass perennials as well lupins.

Facts, background information, dossiers

  • horticulture
  • genetics
  • plant breeding
  • Russian Dandelion
  • renewable raw materials
  • plant cultivation d…
  • seed grafting
  • seedling production
  • medicinal plants
  • biomass perennials
  • Lupinus luteus

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