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New study on optimizing microbial fuel cells shows electrode material can make all the difference


At present, microbial fuel cells are mainly used in research laboratories to generate electricity. In order for industrial applications to be considered in the future, the fuel cells must be further developed so that they can produce consistently higher amounts of electricity than is currently ...


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Gaining unprecedented view of small molecules by machine learning

Applications in medicine, drug discovery and environmental chemistry


A new tool to identify small molecules offers benefits for diagnostics, drug discovery and fundamental research. A new machine learning model will help scientists identify small molecules, with applications in medicine, drug discovery and environmental chemistry. Developed by researchers at Aalto ...


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Long-Lasting, Intense Afterglow

Organic dyes with persistent delayed fluorescence and ultralong phosphorescence


A team of researchers from Lithuania has developed organic dyes showing a particularly long afterglow after being excited by light. Doping a polymer with newly synthesized diboraanthracene dyes resulted in an intense red or blue–green dual afterglow, which was composed of persistent thermally ...


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Shedding New Light on Viruses

Analysis of viruses with a combination of mass spectrometry and X-ray laser


Professor Dr. Charlotte Uetrecht from the University of Siegen is studying the structures of proteins and protein complexes in coronaviruses and noroviruses, and how they change over the viral lifecycle. She is developing a new method to obtain as much information as possible about states of ...


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Natural products against flu viruses

Active substances from nature could help inhibit the spread of flu viruses in the future


Fever, cough, sore throat, and general malaise – the cold season is here, and not only corona but also influenza viruses are spreading again at a rapid pace. Influenza A and B viruses cause severe, contagious infections that can even be fatal if complications arise. The most effective protection ...


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Antiviral defence regulates intestinal function and overall gut health

New function of a known defence mechanism discovered


Besides the skin, the digestive tract is the tissue that is most exposed to environmental influences such as bacteria and viruses. Therefore, cells that form these barriers to the interior of the body also have special defence mechanisms. A research team led by Professor Dr Thorsten Hoppe has now ...


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Universal multigene marker may revolutionize biodiversity research

Genetic fingerprints of species in the age of genomics


An international team led by scientists from the Museum Koenig in Bonn (Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change) has for the first time successfully tested a universal set of genes for the systematic characterization of different animal species. Many of the methods used to date ...


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Exhibitors’ report: SOPAT at PMEC India 2022

Monitoring and controlling particle size via inline measurements


The 15th edition of CPHI & PMEC India 2022 was kicked off at the India Expo Centre in Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR on November 29. Sopat GmbH, a cutting-edge technology provider in the field of inline process instrumentation, is proud to be a part of this 3-day trade fair along with its Indian ...


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New way to produce important molecular entity

Chemists develop method for simple production of vicinal diamines


Among the most common structures relevant to the function of biologically active molecules, natural products and drugs are so-called vicinal diamines - in particular, unsymmetrically constructed diamines. Vicinal diamines contain two functional atomic groups responsible for the substance ...


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Watching viruses fail

Surfaces with antiviral properties: Findings can be used to optimize facial masks


Using a new analytical method, Empa researchers have tracked viruses as they pass through face masks and compared their failure on the filter layers of different types of masks. The new method should now accelerate the development of surfaces that can kill viruses, the team writes in the journal ...


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