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Automatic powder and solid dosing

Quantos makes the most of your balances

Economical: Thanks to the automatic weighing process with completely closed doors, the typical minimum weight is reduced by 40 %. Lower substance quantity increases the yields.

Secure: Quantos always dosing within 0.5 mg accuracy without spilling. Even the most careful hands cannot achieve this. Quantos guarantees reliable results.

Speed: Non-fatiguing and up to 20 times faster than by hand: Quantos automatically doses 1 mg to 5 g in 15 to 60 seconds.

Professional conversion and qualification: Mettler-Toledo Service in your region upgrades your balance quickly and reliably with the Quantos Q2 powder dosing kit or the liquid dosing module QLB.

More economical. More secure. More precise. – Balance owners have every reason to be happy. The revolutionary Quantos dispensing technology from Mettler-Toledo is available for the Series XP Excellence analytical balances.

Using the add-on module, powder and liquid substances can now be dosed automatically. The XP balances can be optionally extended with either one or both modules. An intelligent and economical solution to bring your analytical balance up to the latest standard in weighing technology.

Automated powder dosing

An analytical balance of the Excellence XP series can now easily be converted into a Quantos powder dispensing instrument. With Quantos, you can weigh substances from 1 mg to 5 g quickly, safely and directly into your target containers. Multicomponent standards or formulas can thus be prepared flawlessly and without fear of overfilling.

Quantos is fully automatic, does not spill any powder and eliminates the risk of contamination. The safety for user and product is thus significantly enhanced.

By supplementing an XP balance with the new powder dispensing module Quantos Q2, laboratory users can save up to 40 % in precious substances.

The typically achievable minimum sample weight according to USP is reduced from 24 mg to 15 mg. This means higher efficiency, improved results and safety for personnel and environment.

Automated liquid substance dosing

The liquid dosing module Quantos QLB for liquid substances and solvents represents a breakthrough in the preparation of standards and concentrations in the analytical laboratory. 10–20 μl is sufficient for modern analysis methods such as UHPLC. Hence, 99 % of samples and standards produced are thrown away unused.

Now laboratory personnel are able to dose the solutions into a cheap tare bottle and achieve the required target concentration, if and when required. Via gravimetric dosing of the solvent up to 90 % of expensive solvents and substances are saved.

For every frequently used solvent, a stock bottle with a liquid dosing head can be ready for easy solvent switching. The data is monitored via RFID-chip. This way potential sources of error and undesirable OOS-results are avoided. Users of XP-analytical balances benefit from the advantages of the Quantos-technology, are able to improve their work efficiency, and save on valuable time and costs.

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