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GPP – Good Pipetting Practice – to Improve the Accuracy and Reproducibility of Your Results

Good Pipetting Needs Precise Pipettes, Quality Points, Regular Maintenance and Consistent Technique

METTLER TOLEDO Rainin: Ergonomic Pipettes for maximum precision and maximum accuracy

METTLER TOLEDO tips: High-purity material, impeccable in production and packaging, tested at the highest level

METTLER TOLEDO Service: pipette service with results you can trust.

METTLER TOLEDO Rainin: Ergonomic Pipettes for Maximum Precision and Maximum Accuracy
RAININ pipettes improve performance in the laboratory and support the calibration and inventory management. The wide variety of manual and electronic pipettes, including the revolutionary E4 XLS enables always the right tool for a specific application to have on hand. With the ergonomic and performance-enhancing features, such as the innovative LTS LiteTouch System, applied to reduce pipetting force, they are always the first choice, no matter which pipetting task. The integrated RFID chip enables simplified calibration and inventory management. GPP or Good Pipetting Practice maximizes the potential of accurate and reproducible data.

METTLER TOLEDO Tips: 100% Inert and Free from Additives

RAININ high-grade bioclean tips, part of the unique “Pipetting 360°” approach, ensure top pipetting performance through innovative design and high quality production. Manufactured under clean-room conditions, these flawless tips are 100% contamination-free, preventing experiment inconsistencies and failures.

The wide range of tips, available in a variety of sets with different characteristics (eg, filter tips), different volume ranges and types of packaging enables a customized "pipetting" for each specific application.

METTLER TOLEDO Service: Pipette Service with Results You Can Trust
Pipettes need - as well as other precision instruments - a reputable service to get full power. As a world leader in the fields of weighing technology and precision instruments METTLER TOLEDO has both the equipment and the experience to maintain your pipettes optimally. Under the label "ServiceXXL" we offer professional service (maintenance, calibration, repair and support) both at your site, as well as in one of our service laboratories - quick, easy and inexpensive.

The METTLER TOLEDO service ensures the highest accuracy of your pipettes and supports you with the manufacturer's recommended measures over the entire useful life and for the most common pipette brands.

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