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Taking Weighing to New Limits: XPR Micro and Ultra-micro Balances

Unique 0.5μl Resolution

The XPR microbalance line takes the worry out of weighing in the micro-range with active quality assurance features that ensure you get valid results – every time

User safety is critical in compound analysis laboratories. Exposure to potential drug candidates must be avoided and investigations are therefore carried out within a protected environment. Often, this means weighing out just a few milligrams of the drug compound under challenging conditions

With the model XPR6UD5, Mettler-Toledo presents the first ultra-micro balance on the market, delivers unique 0.5μl resolution. This new XPR balance models offer 25% better repeatability than traditional microbalances through innovative features such as Active Thermoelectric Cooling (ATC) and ongoing quality-assurance checks.

Offering both micro and ultra-micro models, XPR offers a welcome combination of usability, accuracy that is critical in industries such as pharma where sample sizes are small and productivity must be maintained.

Notable in the new line is XPR6UD5, the first ultra-micro balance on the market using a blend of innovative design characteristics including:

  • Heightened stability via Active Temperature Controlling (ATCTM), which draws heat away from the balance for enhanced measurement accuracy and repeatability,
  • Ongoing quality assurance through GWP Approved, which automatically checks tests, adjustments, leveling and settings prior to weighing, and
  • User profile storage with Tolerance Profiles, which ensures that weighing tasks meet defined process requirements and applicable regulations

Usability is delivered by a small bench print and new user interface that, similar to a smartphone, allows users to swipe or programming and running tasks. A built-in result notepad simplifies documentation and lets users to store comments. Individual task methods can be stored and accessed via icons, saving time and enhancing process security.

Additional XPR design benefits include, a new weighing pan for easier cleaning, and USB data transfer for quick export of task parameters or results. A two-screen system allows the main touchscreen to be placed wherever it is more ergonomic and convenient as well.

Taken together, XPR’s productivity-enhancing features and repeatable micro-range accuracy allows it create a new level of productivity for companies working with small samples sizes.


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