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[1] Biobased chemicals: Value-added products from bio­refineries, Report from Task 42, Biorefinery, IEA Bioenergy. Ed DeJong, Adrian Higson, Patrick Walsh, Maria Wellisch
[2] Gerald Ondrey Chemical Engineering. 2004. ­(http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-114404968.html).
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[4] http://www.unep.org/ietc/Portals/136/Publications/­Waste%20Management/WasteAgriculturalBiomassEST_Compendium.pdf

First publication: Gronnow, M., Smallwood, M., labor&more, 6.2013.

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    Margaret Smallwood

    Maggie Smallwood, born in 1957, studied Biochemistry and Microbiology at the University of Leeds and completed her doctorate in the Department of Biochemistry, also at the University of Leeds.  After a post-doc at the University of Leeds she worked as research manager in a spin-out company ... more

    Dr. Mark Gronnow

    Mark Gronnow, born in 1979, studied Chemistry at the University of York and acquired a doctorate in 2005 at the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence. He is a PhD graduate from York with a GSK sponsored project. Having previously worked at the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence as technica ... more

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