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The laboratory Philippe Davioud trusts Quantos to guarantee the weight of capsules

Philippe Daviuod (Laboratoire Philippe Davioud)

The laboratory Davioud specializes in powder technology. Within less than 10 years it has become
a recognized R&D service provider for all major pharmaceutical companies – French and foreign.
With the drive to remain at the forefront of technology, it relies on Quantos to precisely control the
weight of the capsules. Meeting with its founder, Philip Davioud.

A rapid success

Located in the heart of Eure in France, the laboratory Davioud cultivates originality. It was founded in 2004
by Philippe Davioud, pharmacist and powder specialist who had notably worked for 10 years in the pharma­ceutical industry. He founded and located his company near his home town in Tillières sur Avre. His idea? :
to offer pharmaceutical companies a unique expertise and know-how: project management from the bench to the release of industrial scale batches (clinical batches, pre-clinical and small series). Less than ten years later, Mr. Davioud has won his bet. A natural born entrepreneur, his R&D laboratory is independent, has multiplied its turnover by four and its size by three. It will soon reach a square footage of 43,000 sq ft. It consists of a multidisciplinary team of thirty employees. Customers range from large pharmaceutical groups to start-ups.

Mr. Davioud explains: “We offer our customers a 100 % internalized study, and complete confidentiality, which in this area is very valuable.” And adds: “Our structure allows us a flexibility and reactivity which is highly valued by our customers.” The laboratory’s activities include the sourcing of suppliers and chemical raw materials, processing (active ingredients, micronisation, grinding etc.) and analysis. They also include the development of analytical methods, analytical validation, the pre-formulation, formulation (tablets, capsules, powders, inhalants, etc.) and extend to the drafting of Part II of AMM files (authorisation to sell a drug).

Keep one step ahead with Quantos

Since the beginning of the adventure, Philippe Davioud has only one idea in mind: to anticipate. In a constantly moving business and scientific world, he is permanently on technology alert; aiming to keep the competitive advantage that makes this laboratory a unique player on the market. In the end, giving the capacity to offer
its customers tailored solutions to their problems and requirements.

So, when a pharmaceutical company submits its specifications for the manufacture of clinical batches, M. Davioud searches for the ideal solution. The objective is to guarantee an accurate, reliable and controlled capsule filling process.

Mr Davioud tells: “I thought I had found the right product. Then I discovered Quantos. And I quickly realized that it was exactly what my clients needed. “The Quantos QB1 is a weighing system ensuring accuracy, automation, security and traceability. The advantage of the product range lies in the extent of its capacity – up to 220 g – and a readability of 5 µg.

Having been tested, QB1 was quickly adopted by the laboratory Davioud and completes continuous batches
of 3000 to 5000 capsules and more if necessary. It is also used as a conventional precision balance.


  • Established Pharmaceutical Manufacturer, and approved Clinical Batches, (French Health Authority AFSSAPS N°06/230) from 26th September 2006
  • EMEA SME Status
  • Young Innovative SME Status from the French Authorities

First publication: Daviuod, P., q&more, 2.2011.

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