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First publication: Carell, T., labor&more, 8.2013.

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    Light-driven molecular swing

    When light impinges on molecules, it is absorbed and re-emitted. Advances in ultrafast laser technology have steadily improved the level of detail in studies of such light-matter interactions. FRS, a laser spectroscopy method in which the electric field of laser pulses repeating millions of ... more

    Secret structure in the wiring diagram of the brain

    In the brain, our perception arises from a complex interplay of neurons that are connected via synapses. But the number and strength of connections between certain types of neurons can vary. Researchers from the University Hospital Bonn (UKB), the University Medical Center Mainz and the Lud ... more

    Innate immunity: the final touch for antimicrobial defence

    If bacteria enter the body, it often takes just a few minutes for the innate immune system to recognise them as foreign and set the immune defence in motion. Receptors of the immune system that recognise bacterial cell wall components play a central role in this process. An important immune ... more

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    Prof. Dr. Thomas Carell

    Thomas Carell graduated in chemistry, completing his doctorate at the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research under the tutelage of Prof. Dr Dr H. A. Staab. Following a research position in the USA, he accepted a position at ETH Zurich, setting up his own research group in the Laboratory ... more

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